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You Make All the Difference #1000Strong

You can make all the difference. The difference in Sally's life, Charna's life and the lives of the over 3,000 individuals touched by your partnership through the work of Chabad Intown. 820 people have made a difference in 2020.  Between now and December 31 we are hoping you'll join those 820 partners so we can be #1000 Strong!  Will you help make a difference?
It's the union of the many that makes up the single whole. The size of the donation is not as important as having your participation.  With you and your partnership we are #1000Strong! Will you be part of #1000Strong?

Size doesn't matter (as much) #1000strong

Achieving the #1000Strong goal will show Atlanta the strength of our Jewish Community! A community that remains positive, optimistic and hopeful about the Jewish future.  Will you show your strength?

#1000Strong for a strong Atlanta Jewish Community

Achieving the goal of #1000Strong for 2020 is only 180 donors away! It's a big goal but an important one.  #1000Strong is a testament to the transformation Chabad Intown makes in the lives of so many., like Sally and Charna.  Are you in? 

PS. Text your pledge to 404-931-6449,
Paypal - https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/chabadintown or 
Venmo - www.venmo.com/ChabadIntown or @Chabadintown.
PPS. Donations received before December 31 count towards the #1000 goal. 
PPPS. If you have already donated in 2020 please email me so I can get our records straight

*Sally – (not her real name.  After sharing her daughters’ journey of addiction and recovery, she writes;) I just wanted to share this story with you as a reminder that every time you reach out to a young person in need, and see them for more than their addiction, that touch extends to their family.  Moreover, it is appreciated & treasured in ways that you will never know.

With heartfelt thanks for all that you to support this community & best wishes for the new year, Sally

*Charna - Being Jewish is important to me because I feel like I am a part of something in this world that gives so much meaning to the mundane. I enjoy celebrating the holidays and Jewish life cycle events. The more I learn about our history and culture and spirituality, the more I feel connected to our rich heritage.


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